Ghost Hunting Kit

The Library currently has one kit available for checkout. 

Loan period: 1 week

Below is a list of items included in the kit:

Sony Voice Recorder

An audio recorder is used to record and document EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). EVPs are voices you can only hear on the recording. If you hear the ghost say "hello" out loud, that's what ghost hunters call a "Disembodied Voice." To use the recorder effectively, turn the recorder on, introduce yourself and ask open ended questions such as, "What's your name?" "Was this your house?" "How old are you?" Doing so creates a full EVP session where you can get lots of great pieces of evidence!Don't forget to transfer your audio files onto your computer and delete the file on the recorder for the next ghost hunter!

Digital Camcorder with Night Vision

Digital camcorders are a great way to document your hunt and to capture images you might see during your exploration.

The camcorder in the kit has a night vision function as well as an attachable microphone for enhanced audio! Simply record your hunts, download your videos onto your computer and then delete them from the device for the next investigator!

EMF Reader

This is a great tool for debunking. Some people living in a "haunted" house may claim that they feel like they're being watched when in reality, they simply live around wire or devices that are emitting high EMF fields. High EMF can cause everything from skin irritation to hallucinations to feeling "creeped out." Test out the devices and wiring in the room you're exploring. If something is giving off high readings, it's nothing paranormal, just something an electrician can fix! However, there is a theory out there that spirits and ghosts have their own energy that can effect the EMF reader. Have the reader going while you're conducting your EVP session and see if you get any "blips" (lights on the reader flashing) as this could be a ghost trying to communicate with you.

  • Rule number 1 in ghost hunting:
    • ALWAYS be respectful
    • NEVER trespass
    • Always be polite when exploring and talking to any ghosts or spirits
    • Clean up any messes you may make
    • Treat the equipment with respect
  • Transfer all digital files to your home device. All files will be deleted upon check-in at the library. Don't lose your data!
  • There are tons of books on the paranormal at the library! Keep exploring through research!
  • Have fun and remember: ghosts are just people without a body. There's nothing to fear from someone who just loved a house so much they wanted to stay.