Town of Cochrane Library Board

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In a world moving at the speed of light, and a town experiencing unprecedented growth, it has never been more critical to have a collaborative and diverse voice around the decision-making table.

The Cochrane Public Library is no exception – libraries used to be quiet, nearly sacred spaces filled with books that acted as gateways to an expanse of different worlds. It was books that held the secrets of the universe, books that were portals to creativity, imagination, travel, study and advanced learning. Today, the Library has evolved – it is still a sacred space filled with secrets of the far-flung universe, however, those secrets are no longer isolated to leather-bound tomes. Technology has carved its rightful place into the landscape, and as our libraries continue to evolve, so must those who make critical decisions around their futures.

Our library is poised on the cusp of exciting change, particularly as it relates to growth, structure and location. As we seek to navigate this litany of decisions with both care to preserve the historical essence of our library balanced against the array of dynamic ways in which libraries are evolving, we are actively seeking new voices on our Board.

As the Library transitions to a 21st century space, our ideal Board member is someone who first understands and loves public libraries, and desires to see the very best version for every citizen of Cochrane. We are curating a Board of men and women who bring wisdom, experience in a variety of sectors, creative ideas, big picture thinking, financial responsibility and a humility that comes from having found both success and failure over the course of their lives. The Board is ultimately a steward of this magnificent collection of books, resources, technology and gathering space, and if the library is something you love and want to see develop into something extraordinary, you just might be the voice we’re searching for.

For more information please see the Town of Cochrane website and if interested, follow the link to complete and submit an online application.