Understanding the Emotional Journey & Trauma behind Brain Injury/Post-Concussion Syndrome

Brain injury transition coach Vinny Gibson will lead the following presentation for brain injury survivors and their families:

Is your life impacted negatively in any or all of the following areas following a concussion or mild brain injury?

  • Family/friends relationships
  • Work/Lifestyle
  • Do you avoid or shun noisy, crowded, social situations, or family gatherings since post-concussion?
  • Has your extended community shrunk?
  • Do you feel isolated, misunderstood, abandoned
  • Do you struggle with chronic fatigue, anxiety or depression?

If you answered YES to one or ALL of these questions, this presentation is for YOU and your family member(s), caregiver(s), extended community.   Concussion recovery impacts the survivor in 4 areas: a). cognitive b). physical c). emotional d). behavior. Concussion also impacts caregivers!  We will discuss the emotional challenges “beyond the physical recovery”, and how to manage symptoms, or support a survivor in this very REAL phase of recovery. 

Attendance is limited; please register here for this free program.

Event Date: 
2019 Feb 25 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm