Our Code of Conduct

Cochrane Public Library is proud to provide a welcoming, safe, and clean facility to all of our patrons for the enjoyment and access our services and collections. This Code of Conduct has been established to ensure a positive Library experience for everyone. We ask that everyone be:
·         Respectful of others in the library: patrons, visitors, staff and volunteers
·         Careful and considerate of Library property
·         Lawful
·         Responsible
We expect every patron to:
·         Dress appropriately: shoes and shirts must be worn
·         Attend to and supervise children in their care
·         Attend to personal belongings
·         Use library furniture, equipment, washrooms and property properly and for their
·         intended purposes only
·         Leave the Library promptly at closing time and when requested to do so in emergency situations
Examples of behaviours which are NOT permitted include:
·         Threatening, abusive, harassing language, behaviour or actions
·         Behaviour that disturbs others’ use of the Library or damages Library property
·         Being under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances
·         Selling, using, or possessing alcohol or illegal substances
·         Carrying weapons or implements which can be used as weapons
·         Damage or theft of Library materials
·         Sleeping
·         Offensive body odour or offensive clothing odour
·         Use of cell phones, pagers, head phones, and other communication devices which disturbs others’ use of the Library
·         Taking Library materials into washrooms
·         Bringing large bags into the Library (maximum of two small bags)
·         Entering non-public areas
Violation of any provisions of the Cochrane Public Library Code of Conduct may result in charges for damage or misuse, suspension of library privileges, exclusion from the Nan Boothby Memorial Library location and/or criminal prosecution.

Behaviour in the Library is governed by the Cochrane Public Library Board Policy, which states “All persons using Library premises shall conduct themselves so as not to disturb other persons in the Library or cause damage to Library property.”